Software engineers who understand biology and chemistry

Think of us as a catalyst for your life science project – accelerating your software development process and driving results without altering your project’s core essence.

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What's unique about us?

Imagine having a go-to team of software developers with backgrounds in biology or chemistry.

Team that you can call on whenever you need them without the hassle of recruiting and training new team members.

Dedicated talents

Life science specialists (including PhDs) who provide value from day one

Matching your requirements with a dedicated recruitment process that includes live coding

Long-term solution as we do not pull our developers out of your team to other projects

Bridging the gap solution

1-on-1 interviews with pre-selected candidates for you to decide on signing a developer or not

Satisfaction Guarantee and you don’t pay if you are not happy

30-day termination period secures your business flexibility

Profitable alternative

Pay-per-hour model ensures you are paying only for the working hours of the developers

No additional costs like recruitment fees, paid time off, insurance, bad hires, and so on

Predictable costs are warranted as we negotiate our rates only once a year

"Code Poets had and has found excellent and appropriate resources for us, all of whom have been talented."

James Ryan
VP of Engineering at L7 Informatics

Meet the Poets

Within the life science industry, software development goes beyond just writing lines of code. It's about crafting elegant and creative solutions rooted in a deeper understanding of the domain.

Our engineers are like Poets because they transform abstract ideas into functional, beautiful, and structured products. Also, they possess a rich blend of scientific background and commercial coding experience, making them uniquely equipped for this specialized field.

"They do well compared to other vendors. In general, we’re pleased with their work and see them as a high-value provider. They’ve done a good job of hiring talented software developers."

Director at EMD Merck Millipore

Some of our projects

Thanks to these projects we became a part of the biotech revolution. We'd love to have your project among those.

16 Poets
3 Years

Expertise: cheminformatics, bioinformatics, CADD, data management

Technologies: Python, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, JS, Vue.js, CSS/SCSS, HTML, Git, AG Grid, Docker, Unix

1 Poet
2 Years

Expertise: AI/ML, cheminformatics, CADD, data management

Technologies: SQLAlchemy, Raw SQL, Asynchronous Python, Typing, FastAPI, AsyncPG, Alembic

2 Poets
2 Years

Expertise: cheminformatics, bioinformatics, CADD, data management

Technologies: JS, React, Groovy, Java, Docker, Vagrant

1 Poet
6 months

Expertise: data management

Technologies: PostgreSQL, Vue.js, FastAPI, Flask

22 Poets
5 Years

Expertise: AI/ML, cheminformatics, bioinformatics, CADD, data management

Technologies: Python, Django REST Framework, Typescript, Angular 2, RxJS, Sigma JS, Angular Materials, SCSS

"They give great technical insights and deliver tasks on time. We see the great improvement in terms of feature improvements, traffic and revenue"

Victoria Lee
Senior Global Product Manager at Qiagen

"We really value the fact that Code Poets has software engineers with considerable life science domain knowledge and expertise!"

David Foster
VP of Tech & AI, Metabolon

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