Comprehensive Development of the Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN)

How to transform laboratory Data Management with a User-Centric Electronic Laboratory Notebook

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Company type: Innovation Hub
Industry: Biotech, Healthtech
Product domain: Enterprise Software
Engagement: Team augmentation
Duration: 42 months (ongoing)
Team size: 16

L7 Informatics specializes in redefining data intelligence for life sciences and healthcare organizations. Their flagship product, L7|ESP, is an FDA regulatory compliant platform equipped with a suite of pre-built apps and connectors, designed to streamline workflows and foster digital transformation.

Background and Vision

L7 Informatics' ambition to revolutionize laboratory data management led to the idea of an integrated Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) within their Enterprise Science Platform (ESP). Code Poets, with its rich background in software solutions for the life sciences, stepped up to develop an ELN module that was not just a digital record-keeping tool but a transformative element in laboratory data management.

In-Depth Challenge

The task was multifaceted – developing an ELN that not only provided efficient and structured data recording but also offered flexibility for various research fields. The ELN had to support collaborative work, ensure data integrity, and integrate seamlessly with existing ESP functionalities. This project's complexity lies in balancing user-friendliness with advanced technical features.

Detailed Solution Approach

1. User-Centric Interface Design
The design of the ELN's interface was focused on user experience. Code Poets engaged in extensive research to understand laboratory workflows, resulting in a versatile drag-and-drop interface allowing easy organization of data blocks.

2. Innovative Custom Widgets
Recognizing the diverse needs of laboratory data, we enabled users to create their own widgets. This functionality was a game-changer, offering unmatched adaptability in data recording and visualization.

3. Protocol Integration and Efficiency
The embedded laboratory protocol widget was a strategic solution to standardize processes while allowing customization. This tool streamlined the experimental recording, reducing the time spent on note preparation.

4. Secure Note Verification
Developing the Signature Flow mechanism for note signing was a critical aspect. It provided an essential layer of security and authenticity to the recorded data, which is crucial in research settings.

Highlighted results

The ELN module became an exemplar of integrated laboratory data management, enhancing L7 Informatics' platform capabilities

The project demonstrated Code Poets' skill in creating a balance between technical sophistication and practical usability.

The ELN's customizability and user-friendly nature were particularly applauded by the scientific community, making it a preferred tool in various research settings.

The Signature Flow mechanism set a new standard in data security within the ESP ecosystem.

Future Developments and Ongoing Commitment

The evolution of the Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) is a continuous journey, reflective of Code Poets' inherent drive as creators to innovate and improve. Committed to enriching the ELN module, our team is actively developing advanced features that embody our passion for creating transformative solutions in the life sciences sector. Upcoming enhancements include sophisticated real-time collaboration tools designed to enable seamless teamwork and data sharing among scientists. We're also focusing on resource pooling capabilities, which will allow for more efficient management and utilization of laboratory resources. Additionally, the introduction of advanced search functionalities is set to revolutionize data retrieval, making it quicker and more intuitive. These future developments are guided by our vision to empower scientific research with cutting-edge technology, ensuring that the ELN module remains at the forefront of laboratory data management innovation.

Closing Remarks

The Electronic Laboratory Notebook developed by Code Poets for L7 Informatics stands as a hallmark of our dedication to innovative software solutions in the life sciences sector. Our approach of blending technical mastery with a deep understanding of user needs has paved the way for more intuitive, efficient, and secure research environments.

Tech Stack

JavaScript, ES6+, Vue 3, WebSocket API, AG Grid, Syncfusion, Python 3.x, PostgreSQL, SQL Alchemy, Tornado, Flask, Celery, Redis, Docker, Bitbucket, Atlassian.

Scope of service

Backend Development, Frontend Development, Code Review & Refactoring, Web Development, Project Management, Infrastructure & DevOps, QA Testing, Research & Development.


Here's how our client describes the cooperation – answers provided by James Ryan, VP of Engineering at L7 Informatics.

Julia, Code Poets

For what projects/services did your company hire Code Poets?

James Ryan, L7 Informatics

"Planned expansion and maturity of our software suite required fast expansion of our team, and because we prefer to pepper our team with resources that have experience in our customers' areas of operation (biotech, manufacturing, etc.) often finding ideal resources is a huge challenge."

Julia, Code Poets

What was the team composition?

James Ryan, L7 Informatics

"We started with a couple of very strong resources who hit the ground running and produced solid results quickly with minimal training. They have been stellar at taking assignments and parsing them, asking excellent questions, and producing excellent work. We've since expanded our team at CodePoets and expect to continue doing so."

Julia, Code Poets

Are there any areas for improvement?

James Ryan, L7 Informatics

"To date, I have no complaints."

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