About Code Poets

— We believe that programming is like writing poetry. It is not knowledge of the language but a structured and creative way of thinking that makes an outstanding programmer. Therefore, we gather Code Poets around us, i.e., people who know the language and can use it appropriately.

We strive to be an increasing part of the technological revolution by enabling Code Poets to implement the most innovative IT projects.
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Code Poets is an organization driven by the three common values picked by our members.


Development is the core of a long-lasting and healthy business relationship. It's based on understanding the company's needs and remembering your needs to grow. 

To achieve the company's development, people must be transparent about everything they do and know. Transparency and respect help us gain and maintain each other's trust. 

People who feel safe and appreciated in a particular environment will likely take responsibility for their well-being, improvement, and growth. That's why we also encourage a "can do" attitude. Each team member knows well that if they ever have an idea, notice a problem, or find room for improvement, they are the best person to address it, even if it's outside their main field of expertise. They take responsibility for their ideas and achieve more with this attitude. 

Finally, everyone in Code Poets is trusted to self-organize. This way, we all deeply engage in our company's life and our client's projects.


Meet our business team

Adrian Zamorski – co-founder, CEO
Adrian Zamorski
CEO & Co-founder
With Adrian leading the charge as co-founder and CEO, Code Poets is in good hands. As the mastermind behind the company's strategy and execution, he easily navigates the ever-changing landscape of the tech industry. Adrian's boundless creativity and exceptional leadership skills have propelled Code Poets to the forefront of the industry.
Kamil Śliwak – co-founder
Kamil Śliwak
Co-founder & Senior Developer
Meet Kamil, the tech genius who wears multiple hats at Code Poets. As a co-founder and Senior Blockchain Developer, he's an integral part of the team. But that's not all - Kamil's expertise in Ethereum Foundation's Solidity project has made him a world-renowned figure in the blockchain community. From speaking at events around the globe to contributing to cutting-edge developments in the industry, Kamil is a true blockchain superstar.
Magdalena Zamorska – COO
Magdalena Zamorska
Magda, the ultimate multitasker at Code Poets as the COO. From documentation to finances, from organizational culture to event participation, she's the driving force behind the administration department. Her eagle eye for detail ensures the company runs like a well-oiled machine, while her creative touch ensures Code Poets stands out at any event it participates in.
Joanna Diaków – HR Manager
Joanna Diaków
HR Manager
Joanna, the HR extraordinaire at Code Poets, is a true jack-of-all-trades, skillfully coordinating a host of crucial functions vital to the company's success, from enhancing its employer branding to promoting its solid cultural fit among employees.
Julia Foremnik-Kapica – Marketing Manager
Julia Foremnik-Kapica
Marketing Manager
Meet Julia, the unstoppable force behind the marketing department at her company, whose can-do attitude and boundless energy make her an absolute powerhouse. Whether she's crafting social media posts, coordinating events, or enhancing the company's employer branding, Julia approaches every task with a level of responsibility and enthusiasm that is truly inspiring. Pure fire.
Agata Janusz
Office Manager
Agata, as the Office Manager at our company, is a beacon of responsibility, handling everything from document management to financial oversight with exceptional skill and unwavering commitment. In addition, she's a person of trust who takes her role very seriously, always striving to deliver the best possible results for her colleagues and clients.

It took us some time to get to this point...

Adrian Zamoski & Kamil Sliwak, co-founders
Code Poets is established and gets its first US customer

Big news for Code Poets - the company has just made a breakthrough by securing its first-ever US customer! This is an exciting development for the organization and a clear testament to its ability to deliver cutting-edge products and services that meet the needs of a global market.

Six members on board

Meet the small but mighty team at Code Poets - consisting of just six members. This group of talented individuals is responsible for driving the company's success and innovation in the tech industry.

Software developers, team
MiliporeSigma, Merck, cheminformatics
Opening an office in the attic of a tenement house & first cheminformatics project

With the stroke of a pen, Code Poets blossomed into a limited liability company, paving the way for our first physical home - a charming attic nestled within a tenement house on Reja Street.

This year proved to be a pivotal moment in our journey as we took on our first-ever cheminformatics project, propelling us towards uncharted territories of scientific exploration.

First blockchain project

This year, we had the privilege of venturing into uncharted territories as we embarked on our first blockchain project, setting the stage for a revolutionary breakthrough.

Software developer at work
Code Poets office
Moving to a larger office

2018 was a turning point for our company in every sense of the word. Our team ballooned to 30 members, and we had to say goodbye to our old office and hello to a brand new location in the vibrant heart of Wrocław's city center.

To top it off, we had the privilege of collaborating with Merck in the USA, which allowed us to gain insights and knowledge that we would have never discovered otherwise. Overall, it was a groundbreaking year that paved the way for even greater things.

The teal organization

In a double dose of good news, Code Poets has not only attained the status of a teal organization but has also been bestowed with the prestigious honor of being one of Poland's best software companies by none other than Clutch!

Teal organization, conference room
Sandoz Hackaton, software developers
Solidity & Sandoz hackathon

It's official - we're on fire! We've bagged a highly sought-after project with the Ethereum Foundation, a name synonymous with the blockchain space, which is nothing short of a feather in our cap. But wait, there's more - our developers' exceptional skills have earned us a well-deserved win in the Sandoz hackathon. Talk about a dream team!

Five new projects

It was an excellent year for our team. Starting new projects indicates our client's satisfaction with our work and trust in our ability to deliver results. We were excited to take on these new challenges and continue to make waves in our industry.

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