Enhancing Development Strategies in Life Sciences with
L7 Informatics

How to leverage staff augmentation and agile methodologies for elevating healthcare software platforms

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Company type: Innovation Hub
Industry: Biotech, Healthtech
Product domain: Enterprise Software
Engagement: Team augmentation
Duration: 42 months (ongoing)
Team size: 16

L7 Informatics specializes in redefining data intelligence for life sciences and healthcare organizations. Their flagship product, L7|ESP, is an FDA regulatory compliant platform equipped with a suite of pre-built apps and connectors, designed to streamline workflows and foster digital transformation.


L7 Informatics' impressive trajectory of growth and industry acclaim is a testament to their innovative approach in life sciences and healthcare. As with any rapidly expanding company, scaling up operations often brings new complexities. In this phase of accelerated growth, L7 encountered some natural hurdles in streamlining their development processes.

These included refining their workflow and enhancing communication channels. Recognizing these as common challenges in the dynamic world of technology and innovation, L7 Informatics saw an opportunity for improvement. This was not about shortcomings, but about harnessing their full potential, especially concerning the development of their cutting-edge L7|ESP platform.

"We are responsible for its overall development and maintenance, such as:
  • Custom application for creating, following, and studying all phases of clinical operations.
  • Similar to the Jupyter Notebooks feature, notebooks utilize mixing blocks of code and documentation for obtaining, scrutinizing, and presenting results.
  • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) used for managing laboratory experiments at all stages."
– Joanna Wojnarska, Software Engineer & Tech Lead

Our contribution

1. Initial Analysis and Strategy Development
Code Poets initiated the partnership by conducting a thorough analysis of the existing development processes at L7 Informatics. Recognizing the need for a more structured approach, we proposed a series of strategic changes.

2. Retro Cooperation
We introduced regular retro cooperation meetings, which became a platform for strengthening relationships, discussing challenges, and brainstorming solutions beneficial for both parties. These meetings played a crucial role in aligning our teams and ensuring a smooth flow of information.

3. Feedback and Communication Improvement
We established a robust feedback mechanism that allowed for open and consistent communication. This initiative helped address the discomfort caused by unclear expectations and provided a forum for discussing unexpected edge cases in application development.

4. Implementing Sprint-Based Development
Our team, under the leadership of Andrzej Drabarek, adopted Sprint-Based Development starting from L7|ESP version 3.1. This approach involved 2-week sprints, daily stand-ups, retrospectives, and technical design meetings. This methodology not only streamlined the development process but also significantly reduced the time and stress associated with problem-solving.

5. Transition to Full Scrum-Based Development
With the success of the sprint-based approach, L7 Informatics embraced Full Scrum-Based Development. This transition saw the formation of POD teams, with structured roles like Scrum Master and Tech Lead. This change marked a substantial improvement in team organization, collaboration, and workflow efficiency.

Highlighted results

A remarkable enhancement in project organization and execution efficiency

A significant reduction in communication barriers and problem resolution time

Increased team morale and unity, with a clear understanding of roles and expectations

Improvements in functionality and user experience.

Tech Stack

JavaScript, ES6+, Vue 3, WebSocket API, AG Grid, Syncfusion, Python 3.x, PostgreSQL, SQL Alchemy, Tornado, Flask, Celery, Redis, Docker, Bitbucket, Atlassian.

Scope of service

Backend Development, Frontend Development, Code Review & Refactoring, Web Development, Project Management, Infrastructure & DevOps, QA Testing, Research & Development.


Here's how our client describes the cooperation – answers provided by James Ryan, VP of Engineering at L7 Informatics.

Julia, Code Poets

Please describe your company and your position there.

James Ryan, L7 Informatics

"As Senior Director of Engineering at L7 Informatics, a fast-growing life sciences enterprise software company, I am responsible for providing the engineering and engineering support teams with everything they need to keep up a furious momentum, including additional staffing resources."

Julia, Code Poets

For what projects/services did your company hire Code Poets?

James Ryan, L7 Informatics

"Planned expansion and maturity of our software suite required fast expansion of our team, and because we prefer to pepper our team with resources that have experience in our customers' areas of operation (biotech, manufacturing, etc.) often finding ideal resources is a huge challenge."

Julia, Code Poets

Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

James Ryan, L7 Informatics

"I would assert that the fact that we've continued to expand our team with Code Poets on a pretty regular cadence since starting with them is pretty good evidence of progress and success.
Code Poets had and has found excellent and appropriate resources for us, all of whom have been talented, reliable, responsive, and nimble."

If your organization in the life sciences sector is facing challenges in software development, such as optimizing workflows or enhancing team communication, Code Poets is here to help. With our specialized expertise and adaptive approach, we are equipped to transform your development processes and guide your project towards its full potential.

Contact us to discuss how we can tailor our services to your specific challenges and accelerate your journey to success.

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