Polishing Code Quality and Efficiency with ESLint Integration

How to achieve code consistency across diverse developer styles with ESLint integration

L7 Informatics logo
Company type: Innovation Hub
Industry: Biotech, Healthtech
Product domain: Enterprise Software
Engagement: Team augmentation
Duration: 42 months (ongoing)
Team size: 16

L7 Informatics specializes in redefining data intelligence for life sciences and healthcare organizations. Their flagship product, L7|ESP, is an FDA regulatory compliant platform equipped with a suite of pre-built apps and connectors, designed to streamline workflows and foster digital transformation.


As the collaboration between Code Poets and L7 Informatics evolved, the natural diversity in coding styles among the expanding team became evident. Each developer's unique approach, while a reflection of their individual expertise, started to introduce variations in the front-end code's consistency. During this phase of ongoing development and bug fixing, Code Poets identified an opportunity for further refinement. This led to the strategic decision to integrate ESLint, aiming to harmonize these diverse coding styles while respecting the individuality of each team member.


The main challenge was the varying personal coding styles among the growing number of developers, which led to inconsistent code in numerous components. This inconsistency was not just a matter of aesthetics but also affected the efficiency and clarity of the codebase.

1. ESLint Integration
Code Poets created a separate branch for integrating ESLint with a recommended set of rules tailored for JavaScript and HTML code. This process identified thousands of warnings and errors in the existing codebase.

2. Automated and Manual Code Fixes
The team utilized ESLint’s capabilities for automatic fixes and performed manual tests and corrections to ensure the application’s functionality remained intact.

3. Rule-by-Rule Code Correction
Each rule violation was addressed individually, facilitating a detailed review and decision-making process for the application of each principle. This approach also led to the creation of a document for collaborative analysis and input from the development team.

4. Pre-commit Hook Implementation
To maintain code quality, a pre-commit hook was added to ensure all new code submissions complied with the established ESLint rules.

Highlighted results

Over 20,000 lines of code were modified for better consistency

A unified, regimented frontend code style was achieved

Significant reduction in warnings and errors

Enhanced code structure for improved handling and readability

Prevention of problematic code additions during commits

Ongoing Benefits

The successful integration of ESLint into the L7 Informatics project is a testament to Code Poets' innovative and proactive approach. As creators at heart, our team recognized the value of uniform coding practices and spearheaded the implementation of ESLint. This strategic initiative has yielded long-term benefits: the codebase is now more coherent and aligned with best practices, enhancing both efficiency and clarity. This alignment not only simplifies current implementations but also streamlines future upgrades to the main front-end framework. Furthermore, early identification of potential issues has become more efficient, demonstrating our commitment to continual improvement and excellence in software development.

Tech Stack

JavaScript, ES6+, Vue 3, WebSocket API, AG Grid, Syncfusion, Python 3.x, PostgreSQL, SQL Alchemy, Tornado, Flask, Celery, Redis, Docker, Bitbucket, Atlassian.

Scope of service

Backend Development, Frontend Development, Code Review & Refactoring, Web Development, Project Management, Infrastructure & DevOps, QA Testing, Research & Development.


Here's how our client describes the cooperation – answers provided by James Ryan, VP of Engineering at L7 Informatics.

Julia, Code Poets

Please describe your company and your position there.

James Ryan, L7 Informatics

"As Senior Director of Engineering at L7 Informatics, a fast-growing life sciences enterprise software company, I am responsible for providing the engineering and engineering support teams with everything they need to keep up a furious momentum, including additional staffing resources."

Julia, Code Poets

How did you select Code Poets?

James Ryan, L7 Informatics

"Code Poets and our CEO crossed paths in early 2020, and with our strong preference for resources with experience in our customers' areas of operation (biotech, life science, manufacturing, etc.). Code Poets' focus on tech and science sounded like a good fit, so we kept them in mind in case we had a need for staff augmentation. Mid-year we developed that need so we gave them a ring."

Julia, Code Poets

What did you find most impressive about this company?

James Ryan, L7 Informatics

"Code Poets had and has found excellent and appropriate resources for us, all of whom have been talented, reliable, responsive, and nimble. To date I have no complaints."

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