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A voyage marked by learning & growth – over 5 years of successful team augmentation

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"Where one story ends, another begins." Our journey with Merck, traversing the transition from Chematica to Synthia™, mirrors this adage perfectly, signifying an enduring partnership that has blossomed and evolved, fostering growth not just for Synthia™ but for both organizations involved.

Business Synergy and Alignment

From the onset, Code Poets brought not just coding expertise but also substantial business acumen to the table. Rooted in a philosophy where every line of code we write is meticulously designed to meet the client's business objectives, we embarked on this collaborative venture, always with the end goals in sight.

A cornerstone in the partnership was a conscious choice by Merck to outsource to Code Poets, a decision driven by our proven competencies and the economic advantage it offered. This strategic move yielded a substantial cost-saving of 56%* for Merck, with the outsourcing venture fortified by seamless communication despite geographical distances, facilitated through a blend of remote practices and in-person workshops, bringing dynamism and alignment to our collective vision. The relationship superseded the traditional client-vendor dynamic, blossoming into a partnership with agility at its core.

*the calculations are based on an average developer salary in Boston, Massachusetts where the team we work with is stationed, as well as added costs related to recruitment and onboarding

New UI/UX of the web app.

The Evolution of Synthia™

Synthia™ has witnessed transformative growth over the years, morphing from an academic prototype to a powerhouse commercial product. Here’s what we have achieved over those years:

All in all, the results for Synthia™ looked outstanding. The performance of the application has increased, which enabled scaling. That translated directly into more sales while minimizing costs by 25%. That 25% also marks the performance speed increase over only two released versions. Memory usage has dropped by a whopping 87%, and a new, user-friendly web app, which has replaced the legacy desktop solution, increased end customer satisfaction, again growing sales by another 30%.

Our role transcended beyond that of a development team, incorporating an array of services encompassing consulting, graphic design, UX, agile project management, content for presentation, backend implementation, and of course, chemistry.

The less numerical, but equally important parts of Synthia™’s evolution that need to be mentioned are:

  • Transferring an academic prototype to a commercial product.

  • Switching the architecture from tightly-coupled to loosely-coupled with the use of microservices.

  • Going from a non-scaling to an auto scaling solution.

  • Bugs and crashes reduction.

  • Updating old libraries.

  • Automating tests.

  • Bettering the deployment and maintenance process.

Further improvements

The collaborative effort to continuously enhance the product has been pivotal and brought us to build innovative features such as the patented customer inventory and batch mode.

Enjoying the invitation to Merck’s designer office.

Why did it go so well?

We've built a collaborative relationship with Synthia™ based on mutual respect and a shared goal for growth. Our experience in cheminformatics has helped us contribute effectively to the project, offering both business and technical expertise.

Our approach is flexible, which allows us to adapt as the project evolves. Additionally, our proficiency in English has helped ensure clear and effective communication throughout the partnership.

Adrian Zamorski – co-founder, CEO
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– Adrian Zamorski, CEO & then Project Manager


Over the years, Synthia has become a renowned application in the science world. Of course, it also translated into financial success. With the new, user-friendly web app, Synthia sales grew by over expeditionary.

We are proud to be a part of Synthia's journey, a voyage marked by learning, growth, and success. Over five years of cooperation, we introduced 22 great talents to the project.

Highlighted results

Achieved cost savings at 56% for Merck

Reduced memory usage by 87%

Pivoted to microservices architecture

Overcame barriers with English proficiency

Five years and 22 talented engineers added to the project

Merged coding expertise with business acumen

"They do well compared to other vendors. In general, we’re pleased with their work and see them as a high-value provider. They’ve done a good job of hiring talented software developers."

Director at EMD Merck Millipore

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